Faculty Members


 Dr. Indra Narayan Kar, Professor

  Education            :    Ph.D., IIT Kanpur, M.Tech., IIT Kanpur, B.E., IIEST, Shibpur (Formerly Bengal Engineering College)

  Research Areas  :   Incrimental Stability Analysis, Human-Robot Interaction,Cyber-Physical Systems,
     Time Delay Systems, Distributed Optimization

  Email                   :     ink[AT]ee.iitd.ac.in

  Homepage           :    http://web.iitd.ac.in/~ink/


 Dr. S. Janardhanan, Professor

  Education            :    Ph. D and M. Tech, Systems and Control Engineering, IIT Bombay, B. E, University of                                        Madras

  Research Areas  :    Discrete-time Systems, Sliding mode control, Robust control.

  Email                   :     janas[AT]ee.iitd.ac.in

  Homepage          :    http://web.iitd.ac.in/~janas/


 Dr. Shubhendu Bhasin, Professor

  Education            :    PhD. and M. S., University of Florida, Gainesville, USA, B. E., NSIT, Delhi
  Research Areas  :   Nonlinear Control, Adaptive Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems, Robotics,
                                  Autonomous Systems, Reinforcement Learning Control, Approximate Dynamic
                                  Programming, Differential Games

  Email                   :     sbhasin[AT]ee.iitd.ac.in

  Homepage          :    http://web.iitd.ac.in/~sbhasin/


 Dr. Shaunak Sen, Professor

  Education            :    Ph.D. Caltech, M.S. Caltech, B.Tech. IIT Kanpur.

  Research Areas  :    Control Systems, Dynamical Systems.

  Email                   :     shaunak.sen[AT]ee.iitd.ac.in

  Homepage          :    http://web.iitd.ac.in/~shaunak/sen/


 Dr. Deepak Patil, Assistant Professor

  Education            :    Ph.D. IIT Bombay, B.Tech. VJTI Mumbai.

  Research Areas  :   Optimal control theory, Multi-agent systems, Differential games,
                                   Switched and hybrid systems.

  Email                   :     deepakpatil[AT]ee.iitd.ac.in

  Homepage          :    https://web.iitd.ac.in/~deepakpatil/


 Dr. Subashish Datta, Assistant Professor

  Education            :    Ph.D. IIT Bombay, B.Tech. Utkal University, Odisha.

  Research Areas  :    Linear Control Theory, Descriptor Systems, Robust Control and LMIs,
                                   Graph Theoretic Control, Multi-agent systems.

  Email                   :     subashish[AT]ee.iitd.ac.in

  Homepage          :    https://web.iitd.ac.in/~subashish/